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July 12, 2019

Alexa's Alcove 7-12-2019
Here's my landing page before I updated it on 7/12. It's cute, but go look at me now.

July 16, 2019

Tammi's Trove 7-16-19
Here's the first instance of Tammi's Trove. From pretty much the beginning we had decided each of the members of Meme House was going to have their own dedicated part of drewlinky.com. I didn't want any dead links on the site and so I just had to make up something to put on Tammi's page at the time, so I made these charming images and threw them up. I only actually just realized when going to capture this image that I hadn't even properly made the two images blocks so that they had their own lines. I just thought they had their own lines because I was looking at it on a smaller monitor this whole time. Now I could actually tell you the difference between a block and inline element, and lemme tell ya, img is not a block element, and you can see that very clearly in this picture. Hehe, how we learn and improve from our mistakes. If you're curious about the stellar depiction of Tammi, I drew that in paint.NET with the powerful magic of layering over a picture of her. I know I know, you're wondering if I take commissions. The answer is yes, if the price is right.

August 16, 2019

primitive magic 8 ball
primitive magic 8 ball
This is what my first instance of the magic 8 ball looked like because I was so eager to get something online, even if it wasn't styled. I was just so proud over the fact that I created a database and connected it to my website. Fun fact: I had to paste the sample question back into the box to take that second image, because I specifically wrote code in to clear the question box after you clicked the Ask button. It was awesome at the time and I was very proud, but now that I have it all fancy and updated that isn't necessary and everything is much better now. You're welcome. Please check out the current state of my Magic 8 Ball Emporium to have your mind blown and questions answered.

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