Magic 8 Ball Emporium

Welcome to my land of Magic 8 Balls! This is a reimagining of the magic 8 ball program I designed in the back of my Java classes. It's funny how apparently this is a common project in programming textbooks. I was not aware of that at the time, I literally just love magic 8 balls so much I thought it would be an awesome idea to make one. So here we are now. Feel free to peruse the option(s) below.

Classic Batman Super Mario MORE TO COME...

I contacted Mattel and they informed me that they don't actually have their own database of magic 8 ball responses. That's right, there is no official list of all the magic 8 ball responses. So I have been forced into a position to collect these responses as I go. As you can tell, I have started with Batman because that is the only other physical magic 8 ball I own. If enough people contact me telling me they want to send donations to help pay for this massive undertaking, then I might bother to set up a paypal.

This isn't like, promoted or approved by Mattel or whoever else sells Magic 8 Balls. Don't sue me or ask for any money because I don't have any and if anything you should be paying me for promoting your product. Have a nice day.

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